1950        Born in Sydney, Australia

1967-70   National Art School, Sydney

1971        Diploma Of Graphic Design, National Art School, Sydney




1971-73  Study Tour of South and Central America, USA, UK, Europe,

              Turkey, Iran, Afghanistan, Pakistan, India, Nepal, Thailand, Indonesia,

              Canada, Mid-Pacific, Easter Island, Chile, Thursday Island, Scandinavia

1974       Philippines, Bali, Japan

1975       Mexico

1976       Japan

1976-77  Bali, Java

1977-78  Japan, USA, Guatemala

1978       Japan

1978-88  Travelled within Australia

1983       USA, Polynesia

1984       Japan

1985       Taiwan, Western Australia, Central Australia

1986       Western Australia

1987       Japan, Cape York

1988       US, West Indies, Venezuela

1989       Cape York, The Kimberley, Western Australia, Bathurst Island,

               Melville Island, Kakadu, Northern Territory

1991       Mexico, USA, France

1992       Central Australia

1993       Japan, New Zealand

1994       Italy, France, Tasmania, Eyre Peninsula, South Australia

1995       Spain

1996       Italy, Greece, Turkey

1997       Japan, Nepal, NSW, Victoria

1998       Nsw, Queensland, South Australia, Victoria, Fiji

1999       India, South Australia, Indonesia

2000       Antarctica, Chile, Argentina, Brazil

2001       Indonesia

2002       South Australia, Victoria, NSW, Queensland

2003       Switzerland, Spain, Japan, Germany

2004       India, Malaysia, New Zealand, Tasmania

2005       India, Malaysia, Western Australia, Tasmania, Queensland

2006       Tasmania, Malaysia, Sweden, UK, France, Spain, Travelled in Europe

               for 5 Months- Painted and Sculpted in Carrara, Italy for 3 Months

2007       Italy – Sculpted in Italy, Worked with Curator for Survey Exhibition

               Study of Sicily      

2008       Saudi Arabia; Syria – First Painting Symposium,

               Damascus National Museum, Syria

2009       India, Nepal, Large Scale Sculpture “Conicon” in Rimbik

               Himalayas, India, UK, Saudi Arabia.

2010       India, Old Tibet

2011       India

2012       Italy, India, UK, Belgium, Luxembourg, Norway

2013       Indonesia, Russia,Thailand, India & Tibet

2014.      Bali, India

2015       Japan, Luxembourg, Brussels, Spain, Sweden, Italy, Canada

2016       Myanmar, Nth Thailand  and Laos

2017       Italy, France, Spain, Portugal, Croatia. Japan